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But takes a long time to restore a herd

Food cost slips at grocery stores

haven noticed it at all much. I guess it depends on what store I go to and I shop Meijer, Kroger, and Walmart, Ms. Slominski said. they all over the map. It lower here one day, but higher the next. Prices go down, then they go up. You know how it goes. if consumers haven noticed lower retail prices, food growers are painfully aware of a two year drop in wholesale food prices that have cut their profit margins to zero and at some farms, leaving them to raise cattle, hogs, and chickens at a financial loss.

cattle sector and beef is still in a process of rebuilding herds. Beef had a major influence cheap jerseys on raising prices in and Mr. Hurt said. was a big drought in the southern plains and caused a lot of liquidation of the beef cow herd. In 2014, the grass has returned and brood cows producers have been in expansion. But takes a long time to restore a herd. Roberts, who is an agricultural economist at Ohio State University, said lower energy costs also are driving retail food prices down. Energy is a big cost in food processing and transportation, he said.

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