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For the times and locations of the mobile produce bus

Food deserts in Allen County

Food deserts and fresh produce are two words cheap jerseys not often associated with one another. Here in Allen County, food deserts had been a growing problem. What is a food desert? By definition, a food desert is an urban area where there is difficulty buying affordable or quality fresh food. Most of these food deserts are in lower income areas where the only options within a one mile radius or more are convenience stores and fast food restaurants offering cheap, unhealthy options. These food deserts affect about 18,000 Allen County residents alone.

The problem with these food deserts is the lack of nutrition for children and adults. Those populating the food deserts face the challenges others may not: finances to buy more nutritious foods and the transportation to get those healthy options. The main objective is to eliminate the number of food deserts and give people within these food deserts access to healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Activate Allen County partners with West Ohio Food Bank to offer the mobile produce bus year round and the farmer market seasonally. The mobile produce bus stops at various places around the Lima area on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. For the times and locations of the mobile produce bus, visit West Ohio Food Bank website. For the spring and summer seasons, there are several farmer markets in the Allen County area where you can find the freshest in season fruits and vegetables.

Activate Allen County has already begun teaming up with local stores in Allen County to offer fresh produce. So far we have partnered with four local stores in the area: Meat City (East Kibby Street), Corner Grocery (North Elizabeth Street), Wally Fillin Station (North Cole Street), and Riverview (South Pine Street) for the Healthy Happens Here program.

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