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Ostensibly he was there to read from his new book

Things got off to a good start in non conference play. We picked up quality wins against UGA, Davidson, Alabama, South Carolina and UNCW. We even started off with a road win against an improved Wake Forest squad in ACC play. Then the obligatory 1960s montage: the John F. Kennedy assassination, images of the civil rights movement, antiwar students clashing with police, American flags burning, and naked hippies frolicking in parks. Depp narrates approvingly (and complacently), “The days of Ricky Nelson and ‘Leave it to Beaver’ are over.” While this no doubt sets the mood for the Doors and their music, the film never gets much deeper than that.

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fake ray ban sunglasses “I’m going to sit, because I’m fat. I hope you’re drinking stuff,” Guillermo del Toro said as he took the stage at the Bagdad last night. Ostensibly he was there to read from his new book, but what really happened was this: del Toro talked about his book for like 10 minutes, then opened it up to questions for the next hour or two fake ray bans, talking about everything from the book (conceived “before vampires were teenybopper dreams”), to how the Hellboy comics saved his life while he was shooting Mimic, to Hitchcock (did you know he wrote a book on Hitchcock? Me neither).. fake ray ban sunglasses

replica ray ban sunglasses M83 (6:40 7:40, River Stage) It helps to be one of the few bands at Osheaga that could address the crowd in a passable French accent, and Antibes frontman Anthony Gonzalez had that advantage. He also had the cover of subterfuge. Keyboardist Kaela Sinclair’s magenta/purple hair was a treat, and their fly French reverbed up wazoo electropop was a reminder that Osheaga in late July heat can match Ibiza buzz for buzz if not beach for beach. replica ray ban sunglasses

replica ray bans They can flit around a pool in an overpriced kaftan, or Baywatch along the beach in a tiny bikini, but when it comes to summer in a more urban setting, it all goes horribly wrong. Casual just becomes scruff ual. This is true even of those who live in Los Angeles, which is surprising because that’s what you would think of as a summer city replica ray bans.

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