Discover the amazing functionalities of this fully integrated software solution. All modules are fully integrated with an easy to use accounting package. Both online and on-premise versions are availableTry it out

The touchscreen POS Software module (Point of Sales module) allows you to manage your shop sales very easily. It’s fully web based so that you don’t have to install or deploy software in the different shop locations and all the sales shops can easily be consolidated.



  • Unlimited number of shops and registers.
  • Can work online and offline
  • The POS fully integrates with the accounting package and inventory modules. Sales orders, invoices are automatically created and online stock movements are updating inventories in real time
  • The POS can be integrated with cash registers, bar code readers , and printing device.
  •  The POS is fully web based and can be used on tablets, the touch screen layout can be customized to fit specific requirements. 
  • The POS backend allows consolidation of all shop sales figures online, and local inventories of all shops can be viewed online
  • For locations with poor or inconsistant internet connections, the POS can be run offline and data will be uploaded and synchronized via a 3G or 4 G data connection. The  very small bandwidth of data ensures a rapid and secure synchronization.

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