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sales-and-crmWith the Sales and CRM Software Module you can manage all relationships, contacts, leads, customers and be in control of your sales funnel. Track your opportunities and see where your future income is coming from.



Control your sales funnel from leads up to sales orders and look into future income



  • Manage your sales team, sales funnel and track your leads and opportunities and convert them to a sales order.
  • Follow-up your opportunities efficiently and share meeting information, logs of calls, sales task etc…
  • You are able to convert opportunities to quotations in one click and convert the quote to a sales order without retyping all information.
  • Trace Leads, Opportunities, Sales, and follow-up of sales tasks, appointments and meetings right form the sales dashboard.
  • The sales module provides an email gateway and leads are automatically created through web-services, incoming mails and marketing campaigns.
  • You can set discounts for a specific customer or use defaults based on partner type. When you create an invoice you apply the discount in a single click.
  • Different price levels can be configured based on the type of end customer. Select the pricing rule for the customer and the price on the quotation will be filled accordingly.
  • Store your own private notes on each customer or suppliers
  • Your email correspondence can be linked to your leads, opportunities so that you get a complete overview on all correspondence with your customer.
  • Convert an Opportunity into a Quotation with a simple click.
  • Payment conditions are entered automatically based on general conditions or customer specific settings. Discounts can be entered on line entries.
  • Taxes are automatically computed. Entries are fast, and once all products are entered the quotation can be saved or sent for approval.
  • You can convert the quotation into a sales order with a simple click. The sales order can than be converted into an invoice or purchase order for further processing.
  • You can easily see whether a sales order has been paid and delivered.

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