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“Roberts was the global chief executive of Saatchi Saatchi

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Hermes Replica Grocery delivery service My Food Bag isn’t ruling out a sharemarket listing after announcing its new chairman, adman Kevin Roberts.Roberts, a former independent director at Telecom and current executive chairman of advertising company Saatchi Saatchi, said the move to join had been in the pipeline for a few months after he began discussing the role with My Food Bag’s co founder, the former Telecom chief executive Theresa Gattung.”I’ve worked with Theresa for about 20 years when she was at Telecom and I was at Saatchi and then on the board of Telecom so I called her up and we just started talking,” he said.On the subject of listing Hermes Replica Bags, Roberts would not rule out the possibility Hermes birkin replica, and said the company’s goal was to bring My Food Bag to as many customers as possible.”I’m not going into this to just be a little boutique gourmet foodie, I think there’s a huge opportunity,” Roberts said.”In the next two to three years we’ve got to continue to grow, continue to develop the product and some offshore capability, get the infrastructure sorted, do all those good things. I think the ambitions we all have are first of all to deliver a fantastic experience to as many people as we can.”Roberts was the global chief executive of Saatchi Saatchi, which has more than 6500 staff in 130 offices, for 17 years before resigning last year. He said his experiences with companies including PepsiCo, Gillette, Procter Gamble and Lion Nathan would help with further global expansion of My Food Bag.”I think one of the things [the team] would like me to contribute, given my global experience and global contacts, is some advice and counsel on opportunities elsewhere because I think this is a global idea,” he said.”New Zealand has a real reputation of pure and green and healthy and we are pretty good sourcers of food so I think there’s real global grunt in this.”The company delivers weekly food bags to its customers with recipes, ingredients and cooking tips for the week’s meals Hermes Replica.

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