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Speaking for his client, DiPasquale said Hy “categorically

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pandora jewelry Nov. 29.After the brief court session, Hy declined comment.Speaking for his client, DiPasquale said Hy “categorically denies all the charges and he looks forward to being vindicated.”Assistant District Attorney Lauren Silverstein refused to discuss the case with a Buffalo News reporter.DiPasquale said neither he nor Hy was ready to disclose the site of the early morning incident.In February, Hy returned to work after serving a 22 day, unpaid suspension for appearing in social media video posts,some of which people foundirreverent and raunchy. They also poked fun at cocaine use, police shootings and police interrogation techniques.His friends said the three year veteran of the police force was attempting to humanize police and show they had a sense of humor pandora jewelry.

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