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The method of data collection should

We hypothesized that hydroxyethyl starch and albumin might be associated with increased odds for perioperative complications. While observational databases cannot inform us on causal relationships between hydroxyethyl starch or albumin and safety outcomes, associations observed might provide valuable information that can inform randomized trials and subsequent prospective studies.Material and methodsData source and study designWe accessed the Premier Perspective database (Premier, Charlotte, NC)16 for hospital discharges from January 2006 to December 2013 to establish this cohort. Apart from ICD 9 CM (international classification of diseases, ninth revision, clinical modification) codes and Current Procedural Terminology codes this claims based dataset provides standardized billing items.

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pandora jewellery 2. Tune into the body. Reminds us to listen to the body when we get anxious. All these steps, as well as detailing methods for informing patients about the project and obtaining their written consent to participate, will be necessary if the approval of an institutional or external research ethics committee is required.PROMs are meant to represent the patients’ perspective and be independent of the views of the clinical team providing their care. The method of data collection should, therefore, ensure that patients self complete their questionnaire unobserved and unaided by members of the clinical team. Assistance with questionnaire completion from a relative or friend, however, is occasionally unavoidable and indeed helpful. pandora jewellery

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