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The Web site has more than 3

Created the website and corresponding Facebook and Twitter pages, along with putting ads on several billboards around the state, so they can say what New Jersey is really like a beautiful melting pot state with mountain scenery, tourist attractions from the Atlantic City Boardwalk to colonial Princeton, and best food in the country. Is just jealous! wrote one Facebook fan of the site.Some New Jersey residents are more belligerently proud of their state and accuse the rest of the country of bad faith.The campaign has its own YouTube channel, boasting six videos featuring actor and comedian Anthony DeVito as a JerseyDoesn air freshener and talking to people, especially New Yorkers, about their own perceptions of New Jersey.The first video, which first appeared two weeks ago, has had 9,568 views as of Tuesday afternoon. The Web site has more than 3,600 supporters, the Facebook page has 4,066 fans and has 330 followers on Twitter..

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