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This past Christmas, I, like many other shoppers, purchased

Was a big win for the City, Guier said. Feels really, really good. When I first took office, I was so worried about these lawsuits and what the financial impacts would be to the City. Was the time of my life last year, McCutcheon junior catcher Tyson Scheumann said. Really do think we have a shot this year, and it really going to be fun because it a good mix of guys, and we all talented and we supporting the City of Lafayette. Jeff junior shortstop Justin Walker mentioned, a great environment.

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The denial of a licence for Drai’s will dash the hopesof many applicants who came out to a Trump hoteljob fair. A claimed10,000 Vancouver residents applied to work at the hotel, according to a spokeswoman. Given Vancouver has about485,000 people aged 18to65, that’s about two per cent of the working aged population..

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