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Yes, these are the dog days of August

He then burned the body in the attempt to cover the crime. It appears that the argument was the result of drinking alcohol and there may have been something in the alcohol to result in such a violent reaction over graphics card makers. The tragic event happened over a year ago, but the conviction was only recently handed down by the court to 31 year old Aleksander Trofimov, responsible for murdering 37 year old Evgeny Lylin in Saransk, Russia.

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No gangster did this. A coward did this. Ordered the city flags to be flown at half staff until sunset Thursday for death of one of our own. Neal, who died of cancer just after Armstrong had survived his bout with the disease, never finished the book. Long after his death, the tapes remained hidden in the bedroom closet of his son, Scott. Nobody in the family had listened to them, but I was given the tapes, along with permission to use Neal’s words in this book.

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