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A Bright Future for Cloud Applications

clouds2-837x400Software Park Thailand wants to promote the country as a cloud outsourcing hub in the region over  the next five years to create new IT job opportunities and attract revenue. Cloud computing is set to enter the mainstream in Asia-Pacific in 2012. One predict 30% of companies  in the region will adopt the technology. The US amongst some Asia-Pacific countries have agreed to stimulate adoption of rental cloud-based services  among small and medium-sized enterprises to improve competitiveness. They are also  promoting domestic use of cloud among government, manufacturing, media and small and medium-sized enterprises. The Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion stressed recently that theb Thai Government needs to strengthen IT capability for its 2.9 Million SME’s to compete with more companies as free trade liberalizes markets, particularly the planned Asean Economic Community. Cloud based applications enables companies to use technology at a lower cost  through subscription based  service compared to traditional license and purchasing models that require large investments upfront.


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